Crisped-Prosciutto and Avocado Crostini

Your next Super-bowl appetizer My Mike came home and said he heard people on the Sirius Radio Channel talking about these and how good they sounded. He described them to me and I knew we had all the ingredients so  I had to make them right then. Easy to fix and pretty healthy. At least… Continue reading Crisped-Prosciutto and Avocado Crostini

♣Super-Lucky-Superbowl-S’more Cookie Bars♣

These are wonderful, gooey goodness. I know it looks a mess and it is, but worth every bite. Better than the campfire S’mores and I’m going to make some more (guess that’s were they got their name) on Super bowl Sunday cause they brought us luck. I used Hershey’s with Almonds cause that’s what I had.… Continue reading ♣Super-Lucky-Superbowl-S’more Cookie Bars♣

Your next favorite Superbowl Snack

Fly away Hot Wings and run along little Doggies, Texas Bites are riding in: The Best Man in my wedding brought this recipe from his home town and made them for us and we have been in love ever since. I have often thought of renaming them “Havasu Bites” since I have made them for… Continue reading Your next favorite Superbowl Snack