Bouncy Balls Wrapped Up This is a cute little link to some fun ideas for wrapping it up.

Got out these cute little guys at my grocery store. Could not resist those little faces looking at me. There’s a couple little guys in my life that I can’t resist either that are gonna get these big bouncy balls.


My main purpose on the theme of this post is about putting that little extra into wrapping a gift.image image I took some cellophane,wrapped it up and tied it up with a bow, some netting and several different types of ribbon. That little extra wrapping just took it up from a gift to a “PRESENT”. I think adding a little ribbon, glitter,paper,string or little objects to any wrapping takes it up a notch. Plus its just fun to do. Have you ever bought something on the fact that it was just wrapped up so cute, Im guilty all the time. So just saying next time you have a little gift for someone and you have time to add a little extra see how creative you can be and make it extra special.