The Joy of my Mac

September 2009 I made the cross over to the MacBook Pro from my Dell Laptop. It was a big move for me. Learning is exciting but also time-consuming and nerve-racking. It is now July 2010 and I love my Mac…My Dashboard has what I need, my iPhoto holds all my treasured photo’s so organized. We had fun the other night at my Daughter’s birthday dinner with the Photo Booth. Although its been 10 months there is still so much I can do with my Mac that I have not even ventured into, all it takes is time and patience. I have decided that I will just start pressing some commands and see where it takes me, trial and error right.It has truly been a fun experience and I cannot wait to see what else there is in that Mac of mine. I find myself comparing it to my old Dell often.

In September 2008 we lost our dearly loved Labrador named Marley. He was the perfect dog in our eyes and loved by everyone. We had never had a dog like Marley in our entire lives. He was handsome, obedient, loving, just what ever it took to please us he did. We lost him to cancer after 7 years and we were so sad to not have him with us anymore and felt he could never be replaced. Time does heal things we found, and in November we decided to bring another Lab into our lives, Hence…

Sir Red Macintosh Spartacus Buxton. We call him Mac for short.As I said earlier Marley could never be replaced and at first I often compared the two, he is 10 months old now and has brought happiness and laughter into our lives. He is sweet, handsome, brings us the paper every morning and is very obedient.He is very much a part of our family and I love him 🙂

So it was a couple of months after the purchase of both of my Mac’s that I made the connection. My Mac Computer and My Mac the dog. I love them both and would not change either one of them.