Things to do in Havasu

It’s October 1st, and do you know where your Decorations are?

I finished putting up my Halloween & Fall Decor, YES! This is one of my favorite time’s of year. I put out Halloween & Fall Decor together and after Halloween passes I pluck out the Halloween and enjoy the Fall decor until after Thanksgiving. I figure you guys do the same and I just wanted to share some of my favorite things:

This is my Dining Table and sometimes I put so much stuff you can’t sit down and eat, so I cut back a little this year.

In the middle is a Hurricane Lamp that I layered with moss (from Craft store) and little skull heads from Kmart, I love that one (idea stole from Pottery Barn)

It looks so scary, I caught my grandson Brody just staring at it 🙂

The place setting at the left is another skull head from Kmart and the napkin ring is a set of plastic vampire teeth (that was my idea)

The Wine bottle is from Trader Joe’s and if you zoom in you can see the cool label it has for Halloween and I doctored it up with some ribbon & small skull head (Kmart)

On some of the family pictures by the front door I stuck google eyes on their eyes, kind of makes them look silly & a little scary.One year I put google eyes on ALL the pictures in the hallway & my Grandson Gage got so freaked out he wanted me to take them all off.He got over it 🙂

I got some big skull heads and placed them in these lanterns thru out the house for a cool effect. 

In the kitchen I decorated my spice wheel and when my printer starts working I have some creepy labels I’m going to print out (Martha and stick on the salt jug and the Olive Oil bottle.

My neighbor pulled out a dead tree from his yard and all this week I kept driving by it thinking “I want that tree”, so I got Michael to go drag it home for me and chop off a big branch and I made this scary tree to put by my front door.I filled an Urn with dirt stuck the branch in and attached a few crows to it, its really cool and I think I will go get some more of that moss and string it  from a few of the branches. I think that would be a cool effect also. Then I stuck this cute little pumpkin that I got at Lowe’s in one of the potted plants,he has a cute face.So those are a few pictures of some of my favorite things this year, I hope you all have fun with your decorations and will send me some pictures of your fav’s.

My Candy Jars, Kmart skull head :), Candy Korn, Black Licorice and that is a scary spider on top of the Candy Korn