Gorgeous and her new collar

Meet our rescue dog Gorgeous We got her last December and she moved right into our home and hearts. She is a terrier mix and loves every human being and critter on this planet. With such a great name she deserved a collar to match. I purchased this collar at Walmart for around $5.00, dug… Continue reading Gorgeous and her new collar

Homemade Vanilla Extract

This is a great gift to give out for the Holidays to all your little baker friends and you still have time if you start now. It’s the ultimate Vanilla Extract and how cute it would be tucked into a basket with a treat made from this, all decorated up with your touches on it.… Continue reading Homemade Vanilla Extract

Autumn Free Printable

Everybody love’s free printable’s, I do! Here is one that I got from¬†jonesdesigncompany.com/decorate/autumn-essentials-freebie-art-print/ She has a great blog with lots of cute ideas. I like her style and free printable’s. I put mine ¬†in this black frame and tucked it into a corner. Don’t you think this would ¬†make a cute Hostess gift, wrapped up… Continue reading Autumn Free Printable

No Knead Artiasan Bread Loaf

This picture of this bread loaf is my little baby loaf. I think it turned out great and was really easy. She says somewhere in the article that it’s a “No Brainer” and its true. I just dumped the ingredients into my mixer bowl,mixed lightly to combine ingredients. Let sit for 2 hours then put… Continue reading No Knead Artiasan Bread Loaf

Homemade Crusty Bread

This was one of my Thanksgiving breads this year, and everyone enjoyed it. It’s crusty on the outside and dense and wonderful on the inside. Super easy to make ( or I never would have tempted it) requires only a small amount of ingredients and such a beautiful loaf of bread you would think it… Continue reading Homemade Crusty Bread