Address Pumpkins

This is a easy, fun decoration that you could whip out in minutes. I used smaller Pumpkins to fit my wall. Print out the numbers off your computer with the correct size and put your favorite font to it. Cut and paste. Instant decoration with flare. Related articles Family Pumpkin Decorations. ( Pumpkin in a… Continue reading Address Pumpkins

My Halloween Mantel-2013

  This is my Halloween Mantel 2013. I do it up every year, but this year is my favorite.My son Ryan is the artist for the skull face and he did an awesome job. I got the frame at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $42.97. It was regularly a $430.00 dollar frame but had only… Continue reading My Halloween Mantel-2013

October 1, 2013 Let the fun begin!

Yay, It’s 10.1.2013. I think this is my favorite month.Partly due to where I live, out in the Desert where when October hits we finally get a break in the weather and because I love fall and all it brings with it. Holidays, football, fall food and the decorating with pumpkins. So by the way, do… Continue reading October 1, 2013 Let the fun begin!

Labor Day Weekend Pumpkin Project

These are two pumpkins I made that we’re super easy and fast. They are my book page pumpkins and below are the links where I got the basics to make them. I added my own flair with the items that I glued to the stems.   These links will help you on how to do… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend Pumpkin Project

Halloween Treats

These are this year’s Halloween Treats. They were easy, different and I think really fun. The first one is a S’more Treat- Plastic bag filled with one graham cracker, mini chocolate bar and a ghost peep. Instant S’mores. Love It ! The second treat is a Scary Hand- Plastic Dr. Glove ( you can buy… Continue reading Halloween Treats

Burlap Wreath

October is right around the corner. That means I’ve started pulling out my Halloween & Thanksgiving decor. I like to mix the two starting the last week of September (which is now) and then November 1st, I pluck all the Halloween out and am left with the Fall/Thanksgiving decor. This is my favorite time of… Continue reading Burlap Wreath

It’s October 1st, and do you know where your Decorations are?

I finished putting up my Halloween & Fall Decor, YES! This is one of my favorite time’s of year. I put out Halloween & Fall Decor together and after Halloween passes I pluck out the Halloween and enjoy the Fall decor until after Thanksgiving. I figure you guys do the same and I just wanted… Continue reading It’s October 1st, and do you know where your Decorations are?

It’s Halloween Eve

I have waited all year for this evening, with excitement and anticipation. I will grab my biggest knife in my sweaty palm, I feel my heart beat, the blood is pulsing fast thru my veins as I raise the knife I take a  breath and plunge the knife into the flesh of my PUMPKIN…yea!!! Will… Continue reading It’s Halloween Eve

Sister Judy’s Sweet Spot

O’Flanary’s Emporium   This is my Sister’s cute little store. It is tucked away in Redlands, California. She has had this store for about 25 years now and gets help running it from her Husband Bob and 2 daughters. This has been her passion for ever and lucky her got to make it her career.… Continue reading Sister Judy’s Sweet Spot

Kandy Korn Uses

Zucchini Cupcakes ♥ 3 1/4 cups flour ♥ 1 1/2 t. salt ♥ 1 t. ground nutmeg ♥ 2 t. baking soda ♥ 1 t. ground cinnamon ♥ 3 cups sugar ♥ 1 cup veggie oil ♥ 4 eggs, beaten ♥ 1/3 cup water ♥ 2 cups grated zucchini ♥ 1 t. lemon juice ♥… Continue reading Kandy Korn Uses