Address Pumpkins


This is a easy, fun decoration that you could whip out in minutes. I used smaller Pumpkins to fit my wall. Print out the numbers off your computer with the correct size and put your favorite font to it. Cut and paste. Instant decoration with flare.



My Halloween Mantel-2013


Scary Skull
Scary Skull

This is my Halloween Mantel 2013. I do it up every year, but this year is my favorite.My son Ryan is the artist for the skull face and he did an awesome job. I got the frame at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $42.97. It was regularly a $430.00 dollar frame but had only a couple of dents (score). The letters “SPOOKY” I downloaded from “Shanty2chic”.Its a  really cute blog with fun free printables. My husband asks every year”whats the 31 stand for on the pumpkin”? You just got to understand I guess.

Happy Halloween Decorating!

This is the print before I did anything with itSketched Skull Face


October 1, 2013 Let the fun begin!

Pumpkin Lineup

Yay, It’s 10.1.2013. I think this is my favorite month.Partly due to where I live, out in the Desert where when October hits we finally get a break in the weather and because I love fall and all it brings with it. Holidays, football, fall food and the decorating with pumpkins. So by the way, do you know where your decorations are?

If you’re a early bird they are up and your family is already enjoying them, if not you have time if you act now!


Let’s start the month off with “Pumpkin Buying Tips”: They  say “buy early and locally”. Well that’s a good tip if you live where this is available. For me I rely on the Grocery stores and Wal-Mart. Here are some good tips that I found on the Internet that will be helpful to us all:

Select a pumpkin that is completely orange. Partially green pumpkins might not ripen any further.

Size is an important factor. Medium pumpkins are best for pumpkin carving. Small pumpkins are better for cooking.

Does the shade of orange matter? If so, there are hundreds of varieties, with many different shades of orange.

Selecting the shape is a matter of personal preference. Some like ’em tall. Others, like ’em round.

Often, people select shapes to fit the carving patterns they will use. Pick your pattern before you go.

Do not lift or carry a pumpkin by its stem. The stem will likely break. The stem gives it character.

A ripe pumpkin has a hard shell that does not dent or scratch easily, when pressing on it with a thumbnail. Do this on the back or bottom of the fruit…….never on the face.

Examine the entire pumpkin carefully for soft spots. If you find even one soft spot, go on to the next pumpkin.

Check for cracks and splits. If you find one, examine it to be sure it is not turning into a soft spot or has mold inside of the crack.

Look for bugs and insects. Specifically, look for holes in the pumpkin, which are indicative of insect problems.

Pumpkin Patch Picking Tips:

Bring a small wagon with you. It’s easier to haul tired kids and pumpkins.

Wear boots or old sneakers. It could be wet and muddy in the pumpkin patch.

Pick a pumpkin that you can carry back with you.

If smaller children are carrying pumpkin, pick smaller pumpkins. Remember those little arms will probably get tired before reaching the car.

Bring a sharp knife or pruner.

Cut the vine on either side of the stem. After you get it home, you can trim off the remaining pieces of vine, and cut the stem at the perfect spot.

I have already purchased 8 pumpkins and that is only the beginning for me due to so many varieties being brought into our stores.

On this pumpkin I wrote a Pumpkin Pie recipe and displayed it in my kitchen. I think this is a cute idea that I got off Pinterest. 🙂


This site has some cute ideas and FREE printables, check it out.


Happy Pumpkin Picking!

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Labor Day Weekend Pumpkin Project

These are two pumpkins I made that we’re super easy and fast. They are my book page pumpkins and below are the links where I got the basics to make them. I added my own flair with the items that I glued to the stems.



These links will help you on how to do the book page pumpkins, super easy and fun. I also went to Thrift Store and bought an old music sheet book and used the sheet music pages to decoupage some other pumpkins. I gave those away before I took a picture so I must make some more.


This is a great tutorial on how to make the “Book Pumpkins”. I then decorated the pumpkin stems differently with buttons,tulle, homemade flowers,ribbon etc… This is where you can make it your own.

I love these pumpkins and they go so well with all different types of decor,depending on what you add to them, be it whimsical, scary, modern or vintage.Hope you enjoy as much as I did and Thank-you to the women I got the links from.


Halloween Treats

These are this year’s Halloween Treats. They were easy, different and I think really fun.
The first one is a S’more Treat- Plastic bag filled with one graham cracker, mini chocolate bar and a ghost peep. Instant S’mores. Love It !
The second treat is a Scary Hand- Plastic Dr. Glove ( you can buy boxes of them anywhere these days Wal-mart etc) filled the fingers with Mini Whopper treats or you could use Smartee’s. Stuffed the rest with fun size candy, tied with a ribbon and put the spider ring on its ring finger. I love these even more.

Hope your Halloween is filled with goodies, goblins and more.




Burlap Wreath

October is right around the corner. That means I’ve started pulling out my Halloween & Thanksgiving decor. I like to mix the two starting the last week of September (which is now) and then November 1st, I pluck all the Halloween out and am left with the Fall/Thanksgiving decor. This is my favorite time of year so I want to be able to enjoy my decorations as long as I can. As with most of you we are done with summer heat and ready for all the changes that are starting to take place around us.

PINTEREST is my new bestie, we hang out A LOT, this is something my new friend has taught me.I guess you would call it Vintage/Victorian Halloween. I have started with this Burlap Wreath.There are a few different  ways you can make them, but super easy and not very pricey.Punch burlap wreaths into the search box in Pinterest and several will pop up.After searching a little you can find which one works for you. I then looked up “How to make a burlap wreath” into the internet and found a lot of DIY tutorials on how to make. I took ideas from different one’s and added some of my own. Don’t just stop with your first “How to Tutorial” because you will notice each tutorial is very different yet very similar so you need to find which one you connect with.

The fabric rosette’s on the wreath I learned how to make on Pinterest and they are very easy to make. I took an old sheet  and cut into strips, tea stained some of the strips for different shades. The one sheet made a lot of flowers(cheaper than purchasing material). I also found some scraps at the thrift store that only cost me change. So check what you have in your closet and then the local thrift shops and garage sales before you plop down more bucks at Hobby Lobby & Michael’s. Even though I want these store’s to be around forever we all need to save anyway we can.

I printed the words “Enter if you Dare” onto an old book page, added a photo of the flying witch and hot glued onto the wreath. Added the little scare crow and spider and this is what I ended up with.

It was fun crafting and adding a different touch to my Halloween Decor. I also made the “Book page wreath” that hangs on my mantle(pictured below) I think it has the same feel of Vintage/Victorian Halloween.This style of decor is very popular this year so you can find a lot of ideas on the internet.

Jones Design Company.com is where I learned to make the book page wreath. Check out her blog with DIY tutorials they are really cool. This is where I learned how to make the fabric rosettes.

I got my Halloween/Fall decorating done early this year “yeah” so now I have all month to hang out with my new friend and see what else I can come up with. I think Pinterest has so many ideas for you that no matter what level of crafter you are you can find something that you can make and fill your home with the things you love.

Happy Crafting! Ciao


I got some of my idea’s from this really cute blog:


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It’s October 1st, and do you know where your Decorations are?

I finished putting up my Halloween & Fall Decor, YES! This is one of my favorite time’s of year. I put out Halloween & Fall Decor together and after Halloween passes I pluck out the Halloween and enjoy the Fall decor until after Thanksgiving. I figure you guys do the same and I just wanted to share some of my favorite things:

This is my Dining Table and sometimes I put so much stuff you can’t sit down and eat, so I cut back a little this year.

In the middle is a Hurricane Lamp that I layered with moss (from Craft store) and little skull heads from Kmart, I love that one (idea stole from Pottery Barn)

It looks so scary, I caught my grandson Brody just staring at it 🙂

The place setting at the left is another skull head from Kmart and the napkin ring is a set of plastic vampire teeth (that was my idea)

The Wine bottle is from Trader Joe’s and if you zoom in you can see the cool label it has for Halloween and I doctored it up with some ribbon & small skull head (Kmart)

On some of the family pictures by the front door I stuck google eyes on their eyes, kind of makes them look silly & a little scary.One year I put google eyes on ALL the pictures in the hallway & my Grandson Gage got so freaked out he wanted me to take them all off.He got over it 🙂

I got some big skull heads and placed them in these lanterns thru out the house for a cool effect. 

In the kitchen I decorated my spice wheel and when my printer starts working I have some creepy labels I’m going to print out (Martha Stewart.com) and stick on the salt jug and the Olive Oil bottle.

My neighbor pulled out a dead tree from his yard and all this week I kept driving by it thinking “I want that tree”, so I got Michael to go drag it home for me and chop off a big branch and I made this scary tree to put by my front door.I filled an Urn with dirt stuck the branch in and attached a few crows to it, its really cool and I think I will go get some more of that moss and string it  from a few of the branches. I think that would be a cool effect also. Then I stuck this cute little pumpkin that I got at Lowe’s in one of the potted plants,he has a cute face.So those are a few pictures of some of my favorite things this year, I hope you all have fun with your decorations and will send me some pictures of your fav’s.

My Candy Jars, Kmart skull head :), Candy Korn, Black Licorice and that is a scary spider on top of the Candy Korn



It’s Halloween Eve

I have waited all year for this evening, with excitement and anticipation. I will grab my biggest knife in my sweaty palm, I feel my heart beat, the blood is pulsing fast thru my veins as I raise the knife I take a  breath and plunge the knife into the flesh of my PUMPKIN…yea!!! Will I do scary, funny, traditional? So many choices.

I love all the new carvings they do to the Great Pumpkin these days, they look like the President to your Pet Dog, but I still think my favorite is the traditional Pumpkin Face. It is what I grew up with and I find it comforting among all those new Pumpkin Face’s. There’s the one with the happy face and the one with a scary face with missing teeth.

I usually just cut one pumpkin and leave the rest to enjoy thru the Thanksgiving season.

So grab the Butcher Knife and your little Pumpkin Friend, cut his head open, stab out his eyes and poke him a new nose.

Happy Halloween!

Click on this for some Halloween Fun 🙂

Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video



Sister Judy’s Sweet Spot

O’Flanary’s Emporium

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This is my Sister’s cute little store. It is tucked away in Redlands, California. She has had this store for about 25 years now and gets help running it from her Husband Bob and 2 daughters. This has been her passion for ever and lucky her got to make it her career. She is a professional Tole Painter with several books under her belt and a wonderful decorator. Judy is one of those women that takes a piece of ribbon and turns it into a beautiful bouquet. (You know the type) She is the bestest Sister and I love her. She will teach you how to Tole paint, decorate your house for any Holiday and be your special friend. I put together a slide show of some of the goodies she has in her store from the last time I was there, I hope you enjoy and if you are ever in the area you should stop by and see Judy 🙂

Cute Halloween Decor





Kandy Korn Uses

Zucchini Cupcakes

  • ♥ 3 1/4 cups flour
  • ♥ 1 1/2 t. salt
  • ♥ 1 t. ground nutmeg
  • ♥ 2 t. baking soda
  • ♥ 1 t. ground cinnamon
  • ♥ 3 cups sugar
  • ♥ 1 cup veggie oil
  • ♥ 4 eggs, beaten
  • ♥ 1/3 cup water
  • ♥ 2 cups grated zucchini
  • ♥ 1 t. lemon juice
  • ♥ 1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine flour, salt,nutmeg, baking soda, cinnamon and sugar. In a separate bowl, combine oil, eggs, water, zucchini and lemon juice. Mix wet ingredients into dry, add nuts and fold in. Bake 20-25 minutes or untill tester comes out clean.

♥ I used 1 cup of applesauce in mine instead of the veggie oil just to cut back somewhere 🙂 I put a dollop of cream cheese frosting on top and a couple of Candy Corn for the Halloween touch.

♥ Another use for your Candy Corn is to bake some Butternut Squash as directed, scoop out and sprinkle some Candy Corn to sweeten it, makes it chewy and sweet, yummo…

Here are some pictures of some of my Halloween Decor to enjoy while your Cupcakes are cooking.

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Click on Video for some Halloween Fun

Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video

Happy Halloween, Ciao!