Top Halloween Movies

Humor Scary

When I was a teenager I loved the Horror Movies. Then I became a little older with children and couldn’t let them  see this stuff and cling to me in my bed every night.

Now I’m even older, kids are grown and gone and I kinda crave a good scary movie when it gets close to Halloween.

Somewhere along the years my daughter Kelly Ann developed a love for Scary movies.I think it was “Chucky” that she secretly watched with her cousin that sucked her in. Anyway now she can tell you who’s who and what’s what about “Horror Flicks” so listed below is “Entertainment Tonight’s” top picks and “MIss Kelly’s horror flick picks.”

I think her and I can agree that there is something to a cold Autumn night, big bowl of popcorn, lights turned down low and a scary horror flick playing on the tube,with the one you love to protect you.

Qualifications for a good scary movie: Does the movie startle you, make you anxious, get your heart pumping, or just plain gross you out.

Kelly’s Top Ten

1.Evil Dead                                                                    6. House of 1000 Corpses

2.Child’s Play                                                                7. Exorcist

3.Nightmare on Elm St.                                                8.The Shining

4.Poltergeist                                                                  9. Alien

5.Dawn of the Dead                                                    10. Return of the living dead

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