Payday Caramel Corn

This is my Halloween Treat for all my little pretties I think everyone loves Caramel Corn and then add peanuts,candy corn and white chocolate, EXPLOSION of sugar awesomeness! Super easy,yummy and this corn screams Halloween.They say if you eat a peanut and a candy corn together it tastes like a Payday Bar. Brilliant I say! This… Continue reading Payday Caramel Corn

Autumn Free Printable

Everybody love’s free printable’s, I do! Here is one that I got from She has a great blog with lots of cute ideas. I like her style and free printable’s. I put mine  in this black frame and tucked it into a corner. Don’t you think this would  make a cute Hostess gift, wrapped up… Continue reading Autumn Free Printable

Turkey’s and Owl’s for Dessert

This guy is just too cute and easy to make. The kids could help! ♥ Golden Oreo Cookies ♥ Bite Size Nutter Butter Cookies ♥ Candy Corn, Red Gummi Bears, Can Squirt Frosting in Vanilla,mini chocolate chips ♥ Lollipop Sticks, cello bags, ribbon I unscrewed the Golden Oreo and made a ring of icing on… Continue reading Turkey’s and Owl’s for Dessert

Kandy Korn Uses

Zucchini Cupcakes ♥ 3 1/4 cups flour ♥ 1 1/2 t. salt ♥ 1 t. ground nutmeg ♥ 2 t. baking soda ♥ 1 t. ground cinnamon ♥ 3 cups sugar ♥ 1 cup veggie oil ♥ 4 eggs, beaten ♥ 1/3 cup water ♥ 2 cups grated zucchini ♥ 1 t. lemon juice ♥… Continue reading Kandy Korn Uses