Shopping your own stuff

This is a little dark space by my coffee maker that I wanted to brighten up. So I went shopping out in my extra stuff shelves.IMG_0248-0

I have shelf’s where I keep my extra glass ware and nik-nacs, I have to much stuffIMG_0250

Shelf #2, ugggg. Love it and hate it at the same timeIMG_0249

Anyway in my search I found this picture that my Aunt Ruby had painted and TA DAIMG_0245.JPG

Tucked it back in the corner and I think it really cheered up the dead spot.IMG_0246.JPG

So my purpose of the story is to not run out and buy something, go shop your closets or garage for that something old turned to new.


Fiesta Themed Bunco-OLE’

Senorita's Jane, Melina, Tena & Peggy


It’s our once a month “Girl Gang Get together” Bunco night. How we all look forward to it, rolling the dice, gossiping (all good stuff) eating, drinking, catching up on what is happening in everyone live’s. It’s truly a fun night, and last night was hosted by Carolyn with her Fiesta Theme. We love theme parties and we are going to share ideas for theme parties on another blog, back to Fiesta Night.   

After all the hello’s and X & O’s we were given Homemade Sangria‘s, she filled it full of apples, oranges,blackberries, it was an appetizer in it self. (Remind myself to get her recipe) Carolyn served it in cute little Fiesta Cups which I think always makes everything taste better when cute, right? Her food spread was chips & salsa, mini taco’s, veggies,Mexican Lasagna and BROWNIES…   

Tostada Hat


One of the girl’s (Tostada Tena)Love to Tena! handmade this wonderful “Tostada Hat”. If you look close you see, lettuce, shredded beef,cheese,tomatoes,olives… it was beautiful and we all enjoyed her creativity… You can see how we all really have a sense of humor here and nothing is taken to seriously.   

Fiesta Jane


If you have seen any of the past blogs you will recognize my  Model Jane. She always has the cutest clothes, hair and accessories. We have teased before that if she was ever in an “orange prison suit”(which she has not) and was on side of the road picking up trash, you would recognize her by all the accessories on her “orange jumpsuit”by the way orange is one of her favorite colors! Love to Jane!   

The night was a fun time had by all, once again I did not win but the fellowship I have with my “Girl Gang” can not be replaced by any prize. Although there were some pretty happening prizes.Loved that grey purse won by Tena, it would look so cute with my white pants and yellow top, and that purse holder won by Aline, I could see my new Orange bag hanging from it, Sharon won that yummy snack basket that would have tasted so yum on my next road trip…ahhh I guess there is always next month. Thanks Carolyn!