My new Chic Recycled Tote Bag ♷

My Daughter Kelly Ann, born “Sweet as Pie” and wild as a “Rock Star” has grown to be a mature cool 25-year-old woman. Well my birthday just passed a few days ago (the Big 50) and I believe I am a mature cool woman also 🙂 (apple usually doesn’t fall from the tree) and pretty… Continue reading My new Chic Recycled Tote Bag ♷

Life is great,Let’s eat Chocolate Cake!

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day, so I am re-posting a day from 2010 for a easy way to celebrate the day.You still have time go make one!   The other day I was reading “Bon Appetit” magazine and they said how great Chocolate Cake is, duh! I know, I put it up there with… Continue reading Life is great,Let’s eat Chocolate Cake!

Fiesta Themed Bunco-OLE’

  It’s our once a month “Girl Gang Get together” Bunco night. How we all look forward to it, rolling the dice, gossiping (all good stuff) eating, drinking, catching up on what is happening in everyone live’s. It’s truly a fun night, and last night was hosted by Carolyn with her Fiesta Theme. We love theme… Continue reading Fiesta Themed Bunco-OLE’

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Time

Container  Herb’s So did this famous song have anything to do with these Herb’s? Did any of the song’s from the 60’s have anything to do with whatever?, maybe a different type of Herb? Anyway, I grow just small amounts of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary,Thyme, Oregano, Cilantro, Parsley, Chives and Lavender. They are so easy to… Continue reading Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Time

Flavored Mayonnaise

For those that did not know, I am plagued with the disease “Loving Sandwich’s”, especially on great bread and grilled or straight out of the Panini Press, where the cheese ooze’s out onto the grill and gets cooked all on its own ( you know what I am talking about). Sandwich’s anymore are not just… Continue reading Flavored Mayonnaise

Engagement Chicken

The story goes…Approximately 26 years ago a woman fashion editor gave this recipe to her co-worker who than made it for her boyfriend. Than bam, a month later the boyfriend proposed, than inspired 3 weddings after that, which made it famous,true story. So this is for the “Single Ladies” 1 Whole Chicken 2 medium size… Continue reading Engagement Chicken

“Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion

Once again my “Girl Gang”is out to prove that we do just really want to have fun. Yuma Bike Run 2010.While the men polish and shine the Bikes for the run us girls are busy picking out our outfits, accessories and shoes for the big event. Let the Fashion Show begin… ←Hats are a must… Continue reading “Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion

Kentucky Derby Themed Bunco Party

So once a month us girls get together for a game called Bunco. What a great time we have. After a little Drinky and a few snacks we sit down to roll the dice. The hostess usually has a Theme and last night it was the “Kentucky Derby”. We were all instructed to wear a… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Themed Bunco Party

Love This-Paper Product Store & More

♥♥ From Butcher Paper, Chinese To Go Boxes, Condiment Cups, Parchment Papers. Most any kind of Food Related Papers.I love,love,love this store, Smart & Final. One use for the Butcher Paper is to use it as a Runner for your Dining Table . You can draw placemat’s on it,draw a circle for the drink spot, write… Continue reading Love This-Paper Product Store & More