Gorgeous and her new collar

Meet our rescue dog Gorgeous We got her last December and she moved right into our home and hearts. She is a terrier mix and loves every human being and critter on this planet. With such a great name she deserved a collar to match. I purchased this collar at Walmart for around $5.00, dug… Continue reading Gorgeous and her new collar

Girlie Gifts

This weekend we are going camping with some good friends. Can’t wait cause we have so much fun, even when we are just sitting doing nothing. I love to make little gifts to take to my friends cause it makes me happy and I hoping they love it also. Its so much fun to get… Continue reading Girlie Gifts

Make-Up Tip

I saw this somewhere, tried it and it worked! You know when your mascara starts getting lumpy and a little dry but you still have mascara left in that tube? Well get some of this saline solution if you don’t already have some and drop maybe 4-5 drops in and work that wand up and… Continue reading Make-Up Tip

“Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion

Once again my “Girl Gang”is out to prove that we do just really want to have fun. Yuma Bike Run 2010.While the men polish and shine the Bikes for the run us girls are busy picking out our outfits, accessories and shoes for the big event. Let the Fashion Show begin… ←Hats are a must… Continue reading “Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion