“The Veggetti” as seen on TV

Last month for my birthday my kids Ryan & his wife Lindsi got me “The Veggetti”. We all laughed at it and quoted lines like “hey family I made it with my Veggetti” & ” check out my Veggetti”. I believe it sounded so funny cause Veggetti kinda sounded like a nickname for a female… Continue reading “The Veggetti” as seen on TV

The Healthy Snack List

Here is the list, take it to the store, buy all the stuff you like. Now its in your frig. Keep list handy and when your wanting to snack, BAM its there. Bag up this stuff and take it to work for breakfast or lunch. Your gonna Thank me later. This list is from Skinny… Continue reading The Healthy Snack List

Eating Clean Grocery List for Beginners

So I’m on a mission to do what I can for my family on eating and cooking clean. Let it be known once again I did not dive into this change 100% and probably never will totally. What I am doing is as much as I can with fresh foods, veggies and fruits. I have… Continue reading Eating Clean Grocery List for Beginners

Label Reading-10 Ingredients to Avoid

September is my month I decided to post helpful information regarding little changes and big changes with Eating and Cooking clean. All the articles that I am posting are very helpful and simple. You may know all this, but sometimes its just good to be reminded. Even if we just do half of them it… Continue reading Label Reading-10 Ingredients to Avoid