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Wine Cork Pumpkins

How cute are these little pumpkins? It’s pumpkin everything month and this is a cute and super easy craft you can whip up in no time. I made 3 at one time,cause while you got it all out and you get started it goes fast.Wine Cork PumpkinFollow these easy directions:

– 25 recycled wine corks
– Orange acrylic paint
– Paint brush
– Hot glue gun
– Craft knife
– Silk leaves & dried moss
– Scissors
– Sisal twine

1. Paint both ends of all but one cork. Allow to dry.

2. Arrange the corks in rows (4 on the bottom, then 5, then 6, then 5 and 4 on the top row) and hot glue them together. Tip: Try to match up the corks so they’re the same length in each row.

3. Cut leafs or any dried greenery you choosing to use and hot glue onto top of pumpkin

4. Take the one remaining cork and cut off part of it with the craft knife. Hot glue it on top as the stem.5. Tie a short length of sisal twine around the stem to resemble the vine.

Tip: Not all corks are created equal. Watch for ones that are shorter and use that one for the stem.

image image image This will make a cute little gift for your BFF,the Hostess at the next party your invited to or wrap it up with some Pumpkin Cookies and some Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup for a awesome “just because” gift. FYI- I believe in the Great Pumpkin!


Bouncy Balls Wrapped Up This is a cute little link to some fun ideas for wrapping it up.

Got out these cute little guys at my grocery store. Could not resist those little faces looking at me. There’s a couple little guys in my life that I can’t resist either that are gonna get these big bouncy balls.


My main purpose on the theme of this post is about putting that little extra into wrapping a gift.image image I took some cellophane,wrapped it up and tied it up with a bow, some netting and several different types of ribbon. That little extra wrapping just took it up from a gift to a “PRESENT”. I think adding a little ribbon, glitter,paper,string or little objects to any wrapping takes it up a notch. Plus its just fun to do. Have you ever bought something on the fact that it was just wrapped up so cute, Im guilty all the time. So just saying next time you have a little gift for someone and you have time to add a little extra see how creative you can be and make it extra special.

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Hearts Galore its Valentine Decor

My valentine decor is up. Was going to leave my house quiet for a little while longer but couldn’t stand it . If you look under my “Free Printables” page, there are a couple blogs with free Valentine printables that are really cute. Enjoy and inspire!IMG_0426







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Girlie Gifts

This weekend we are going camping with some good friends. Can’t wait cause we have so much fun, even when we are just sitting doing nothing. I love to make little gifts to take to my friends cause it makes me happy and I hoping they love it also.

Its so much fun to get a little gift all wrapped up cute. Honestly it can be the smallest little token of almost anything but if wrapped up cute, wa la a gift to share with my friends.2015/01/img_0380.jpg

One of the girls is going to unload her Orange and Grapefruit tree’s of all that gorgeous fruit. I’m bringing my juicer and out in the middle of the desert under the beautiful blue skies we will juice all that beautiful fruit and make fresh girly drinks for us and whoever joins the campsite. So I thought this will be fun to make special glasses for that juice and small snacks to go with it. 2015/01/img_0382.jpg

I wrapped some treats from Trader Joe’s in a little bag, gotta have a little ribbon. Made vinyl hearts to stick on the plastic cups for name labels. These cups will hold that fresh juice we were talking about. They can write their names on the chalk board heart labels, (got to be able to find yours) and enjoy their cups and treats.


Putting it in the heart plastic bag completes the gift. Makes it all special. Us girl’s like it that way. I think they will enjoy it and we will have fun with it.

As you know “Girls just wanna have fun” hope this inspires you to wrap up something cute and fun for your kids, family and friends.

I wont post this until after the camping so they will be surprised.

P.S. I’m so excited to give it to them.


Paper Heart Garland

I love this little Garland. It was super easy, even the kids could help. I bought this heart cutter at Hobby Lobby and started cutting hearts out of misc. paper cardstock I had. Used a big red felt heart as the center IMG_0368

Heart Garland

Lined them up and started stitching hearts together as I went,over lapping just a bit


This is what I ended up with. A simple sweet heart garland that I will use through Valentines Day.


My Monogram B

Had to get a craft in today, something easy peasy. I wanted a Monogram B for my motor-home. I found the “B” in the font that I wanted and enlarged it and printed out onto card-stock. Spray painted it black. The popular trend right now is “Black and Gold” and “Polka-Dots” and I like to have a few trendy nick-nacks around. Maybe make a vignette out of trendy pieces. So this is where I am starting. I got my gold sharpie and put polka-dots on it. Total it took me maybe 15 minutes. I will mount it with some two-sided mount tape. My hair dresser Aimee G. just got a vintage trailer and she thinks she wants to decorate it in Black and Gold. I say go for it and maybe we should make you a “G”   IMG_0370

I wanted this thin and light and a special font since it is going in my motor home.You can always go to Hobby Lobby and buy there pre-made letters and do the same process.


Valentine Swizzle Sticks

2015/01/img_0352.jpg I love to do little easy crafts. If it takes to long I’m outta there. So yesterday I got that craft bug, you know where you just gotta make something cute and fast. This is what I came up with: Valentine Swizzle sticks I bought those little fuzzy balls at Hobby Lobby and hot glued them onto bamboo skewers. I think they will look really cute in our Girlie Drinks on Valentine’s Day.

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Halloween Decor

I am up and running with my Halloween/Fall decor. I’m sharing it with you to help inspire you to go drag out those boxes from storage, dust off the witches and pumpkins and  bring them all to life again. I love the Halloween and Fall holidays, it brings out the “kid” in us and the warm feeling of family and the comfort of home.

This is the skeleton picture that my son drew for me last year, one of my favorite’s.IMG_0218.JPG


Got the Candy on, the kids better hurry before Gramp’s and I eat it allIMG_0215.JPG

This spider picture was a idea from Pinterest. He is a real cutie. My son drew him for me and I colored him in with green chalk, black poster board from Hobby Lobby. Cheap, easy and one of a kind!IMG_0214.JPG



Caught these guys trying to escape, they will be hanging around until Halloween is over or until my Mother comes over cause she gets creeped out.IMG_0225.JPG



IMG_0227.JPGWhen Halloween is over I will pluck out the scary stuff and leave the fall thru Thanksgiving.

Happy Halloween, now go get your scary on!







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Summer Banner

Summer Banner

“Summer loving happens so fast”, remember that movie Grease. I loved it, love John Travolta 🙂 Anyway I am always looking for things to decorate my mantle with and I saw this on Pinterest and I had made one of these for spring so one for summer will go with all the summer holidays.

Listed are the items I used, all purchased at Hobby Lobby.

1. Spray Adhesive

2. Sheet Moss

3. Chip Board letters

4. Glitter

5. Banner Template I made myself


I traced my banner template onto the moss sheet and cut out. Traced my banner template onto cardstock, sprayed with the adhesive and glued the moss onto the cardstock. If you have never used to Moss Sheets they are really cool, you can cut it out to any shape and can glue it most anything.I saw it being used in a lot of Easter Decorating.

I placed my chipboard letters onto waxed paper, sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled the glitter onto them very heavily. When dry shake off excess and hot glue letters onto the moss covered banner pieces. You could always make the banner templates any shape you want, pendant shape, square, round, have fun and make it your own.

I took the mini clothespins (also available at Hobby) and pinned them to the twine. This is where you can change it up with some colorful ribbon or I think next time I might try some cloth strips.


It was a fun & easy project to make and I think it will look great with my July 4th decor I am going to put up. Hope you enjoy.


Bird feeder Chandelier

Bird Feeder Chandelier
Bird Feeder Chandalier

This is what I crafted this weekend. My husband found this Chandelier in the DUMPSTER! Always amazing what people just throw away. This is evidence that dumpster diving can result in rewards. It even still had the lamp shades on it in perfect condition.

So I took off the lampshades, stripped the electrical stuff and removed the light bulb holders. Took all of 5 minutes. Spray painted it first with a dark brown exterior primer paint, then    sprayed several coats of this Teal colored exterior paint.

Shopped the thrift store for these little dishes @ .75 cents each which will hold the bird seed. Attached a chain purchased at Lowe’s and TaDa cute easy Bird Feeder.