Meet Me


My name is Melina and I am everyday a wife, mother grandma & a business owner. This is my journal where I store my craft’s, some favorite recipes and any fun stuff I like to share with my friends and family and keep me in the social circle. I am not a writer or an artist so my apologies for misspellings, poor grammar or funky art work. Please just enjoy with me!

4 thoughts on “Meet Me”

  1. Melina nice little blog site… can’t wait to see what your going to publish on it… I really have to agree with you about the wine country and Montana. Love them both. xoxo


  2. I would like to run a winery. Actua;;y I have been told many times that I would be a great B and B owner, my response to that is NO way to much work


    1. The winery thing would be fun, but I would probably drink all the profits…lol. Agree with you on the B&B you would do well but yea way to much work, if you could do it a couple days a week might be fun, or couple a month. Thanks for your comment. Love Ya!


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