Eat & Cook Clean

Eating Clean Grocery List for Beginners

So I’m on a mission to do what I can for my family on eating and cooking clean. Let it be known once again I did not dive into this change 100% and probably never will totally. What I am doing is as much as I can with fresh foods, veggies and fruits. I have chosen my Organic must haves  and I am working on other areas as far as no processed or packaged food. I have to admit I had a Fast Food breakfast burrito the other day from DT and I felt so guilty but I was so starving and we were on the road, and real soon I plan on going to ” In and Out” and get me that burger I love, maybe just eat some of hubby’s french fries 🙂 So I feel like this is  the real world and sometimes we will eat crap food (and enjoy it) but in small amounts and not everyday. We will eat fast food (but not super size) and make the best choice on the menu. Live life, do what we can to eat right and make better eating choices. I found this list and I think it’s a good place to start. Not too many weird items and just real food. Try coping it to your phone and take it to the store with you and see if there are good choices you can make. Good Luck and I hope it helps. Thanks to Angie who has a great blog and made this list! image

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