Dining in Wonderland

Hubby and I and the dog took the drive to Tucson this weekend. It’s about a 5 hour drive. Went to see Daughter Sarah Jean and her husband Ben and their son Gage. We ventured out to pick up Grandson Gage so he could come visit the Ol Grandparents and see their newly purchased first home.

It is a beautiful home that they love and have been making it their own with new paint and their personal belongings.

I feel sort of bad because I didn’t take any pictures of their great desert landscaping or the side yard with a wonderful pool for Gage to have teenager pool parties in. The record room where we rocked out to Vintage albums, or the awesome game room where you jam on the guitars or try your thumbs out on the newest video games. Oh no I skipped all that goodness and headed for my favorite room which was the dining room decorated in the ” Alice in Wonderland theme”   Sarah decorated it on her own and it was truly delightful and a great conversation piece as we dined on breakfast that Ben prepared for us. Here are the few pictures that I did get.


It was a great weekend and always wonderful to see your children happy and doing well. Here’s to the “Adventure in Alice’s room”.

Love Love Love

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