My Monogram B

Had to get a craft in today, something easy peasy. I wanted a Monogram B for my motor-home. I found the “B” in the font that I wanted and enlarged it and printed out onto card-stock. Spray painted it black. The popular trend right now is “Black and Gold” and “Polka-Dots” and I like to have a few trendy nick-nacks around. Maybe make a vignette out of trendy pieces. So this is where I am starting. I got my gold sharpie and put polka-dots on it. Total it took me maybe 15 minutes. I will mount it with some two-sided mount tape. My hair dresser Aimee G. just got a vintage trailer and she thinks she wants to decorate it in Black and Gold. I say go for it and maybe we should make you a “G”   IMG_0370

I wanted this thin and light and a special font since it is going in my motor home.You can always go to Hobby Lobby and buy there pre-made letters and do the same process.

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