Chalk Board Painted Wine Glasses

Yesterday at a Garage Sale, I bought this mini tray and 2 wine glasses. All for .50 cents. My deal of the day. I decided to make everything a chalk board. The tray will look cute tucked in a little spot with a cute quote wrote on it. IMG_1926 IMG_1921 IMG_1922 IMG_1928

I used the spray can Chalk board paint, like I’ve used in past posts. It works really well and cheapest price I have found is at Wal-Mart. The tray I put on 4 coats of spray, each coat in a different direction. You can just follow directions on can.

The Wine glasses I masked off with masking tape, grabbed a hold of tape line with a plastic bag and coated the stem and stand of glass with 4 coats with 10 minutes in between coats.I did not paint the bottom so I just sat them down while drying and tucked the bag into glass. I think these will look cute in a gift basket with other goodies,maybe put the tray in also.

I like to use the Bistro Chalk Markers to write with cause they are easier to use than regular chalk, but the regular chalk does make it look more original.

They say you should “season” your chalkboard painted item like you do a new Iron pan. When paint is dry rub a chalk stick(the length side of the chalk down) over entire area and then rub it all off with a soft rag (micro rag works well) the chalk dust gets into any pores that are there and helps seal it.

I saw the Wine glass’ done up like this in a picture of a wedding where they used these for the entire Wedding party, really cute.

❤ I talked about “seasoning” your chalk board items like you do your Iron Skillet and I’m finding that I think this works great for flat surfaces like trays but with the glasses that have different angles work better not “seasoning” them because it is hard to get the chalk to run smoothly and leaves lines. Let me know any tips you have.

❤ Bistro Markers can be found at Hobby Lobby in a pack of four different colors and run about $10.00 so don’t forget your coupon.

❤ You can sharpen your chalk sticks with a pencil sharpener to get a fine line.Also, lightly wet your chalk to make your chalk writing brighter and bolder.

Hope you enjoy and I’m thinking” idea” for Valentines Day!

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