Stampede Chopper Race “It’s a guy thing”

I know this is something different for me to be posting but these guys were intriguing and had a lot of guts…

Fathers day weekend, Mike and I are headed to Hesperia California to visit my Pops, stopping in Ludlow (a little town out in the middle of nothing) to fuel up and these young chopper guys pulled in for fuel on their homemade “rat like” choppers. My husband had to find out what these guys were up too, I was curious myself. He asked if he could snap a picture with his cell phone and they were all for it and proud of their machines. We were able to find out some history on their adventure before we had to move out-of-the-way for fellow fueller’s. They were traveling from Durango, Colorado and headed to Barstow for the annual “Stampede Chopper Race”. They shared just enough information to want me to know more. They were planning on doing 1000 miles a day on these hunks of metal.

Here are the pictures we got of these young adventurous biker guys and the story of what I got off the Internet about the Stampede Chopper Race..

In this picture below you will see his “Tool Box” roll of duck tape and wire…


If you go to this site it will give you all the details for the race, like I said it’s a guy thing but I think I know a few chicks that will get a chuckle out of this.

Good luck boy’s.

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