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DIY Beach Hair Spray

This is REALLY good spray and it REALLY works. I think most of us love that wavy, tousled hair we get at a day on the beach. I do and I can kind of get that look with hair spray (lot of it) and crunching my hair as I blow dry. But it never stays for all day and I have to curl a few sections that didn’t turn out right. I found this spray in a magazine and it really works. I purchased all ingredients at the grocery store. I bought Organic Coconut Oil which was a little pricy, but I wanted to make it that day and figured it would be good for my hair anyway, but probably can find cheaper if not Organic.

Here is what you need to make your Spray and how to:

1 cup hot water

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

2 Tbsp Alcohol (rubbing or drinking like Vodka)

2 Tbsp Sea Salt

1 Tbsp any brand Hair Gel

1 Spray Bottle

Pour hot water into your spray bottle followed by Coconut Oil, shake well and add all the following ingredients. Shake well again and let set for a short while so ingredients can all melt together.

TIPS: Make sure the water is warm-hot so the coconut oil melts.

Coconut oil smells awesome and keeps your hair healthy. If your hair is super dry, just use 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil!(this was my first time trying this spray and I think next time I will add 2 tbsp of oil)

You can also use drinking alcohol like Vodka. It lets the spray last longer and helps to break down your hairs oil build-up.

If your hair is more oily you can add more sea salt. But please make sure to use sea salt. Do not use table salt

A few spritzes of hair gel gives your hair a better hold and texture.

Make sure to shake it all up and always do before each use.

I washed hair as usually and let air dry to damp, then sprayed my entire hair with the spray ( you may want to go outside or back into the shower because the spray does leave a residue on the floors, counter etc.) Dry hair with the blow dryer crunching it as you go.

TA DA Beach Hair, I had to be my own Model because I was the only one home 🙂 This was my first try at it and my second time came out even better, so practice makes perfect.

Have fun Ciao! Maybe turn on some Beach Boy’s

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