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Your next favorite Superbowl Snack

Fly away Hot Wings and run along little Doggies, Texas Bites are riding in: The Best Man in my wedding brought this recipe from his home town and made them for us and we have been in love ever since. I have often thought of renaming them “Havasu Bites” since I have made them for so long but it just does not seem right and “Texas Bites” just sounds BETTER. Try these for your Superbowl Menu and see how people respond, they are AWESOME and you will be to if you make these.

Texas Bites

TEXAS BITES: (makes approx. 16 bites)

1 lb. favorite bacon (thick sliced seems to work better)

1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into bite size chunks

1 onion cut into big chunks

1 2.0 oz package Ranch dressing & seasoning mix

1 jar pickled jalapeno’s

Get all your ingredients together and start an assembly line

Texas Bites
Texas Bites

Cut your bacon slices in half, place down a chunk of onion, cut chicken into bite size pieces and dredge in dry Ranch mix. Place chicken onto onion piece, top with jalapeno ( or leave jalapeno off if you are wimpy) and roll up tight, stretching bacon a little bit to keep ingredients inside. Place the bite onto skewer making sure it goes thru chicken, onion and jalapeno so nothing falls out while on grill.

Texas Bites

Grill turning occasionaly maybe 15 minutes. We like them with Ranch dip and some Franks Hot Sauce. Enjoy and may the best team win the “SuperBowl”.


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