Things to do in Havasu

It’s A Wrap

Every year our own little Motorcycle group works real hard and raise’s money for a local charity. It’s one we have personally picked and is close to our hearts and helps the needy children in our community. The girls gather the donated money and head to our Wal-Mart to shop for are little Angels. Wal-Mart gives us an extra 10% off our total purchase so a high-five to them for that. The girls shop, bag and deliver the gifts to the next destination which is “The Wrapping Party”, this years party was held at Sharon’s home and a fun time was had by all.

We chit-chatted for a while then got to work. We wrapped, wrapped and wrapped some more, scissors were cutting and the tape was taping. There was laughter and stories shared to keep everyone updated on each others lives. I think I can speak for us all on how blessed each of us are feeling as we do this Christmas deed for others.

Being the great Hostess Sharon is she fed us well to keep up our strength so we could wrap some more.

There were festive goodies she baked for us

The last box was wrapped and we stacked them high, proud of our accomplishment we ended our evening with warm feelings deep in our hearts

I wish all of you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and pray that everyone has good friends and a loving family at this time of year.

“It’s a wrap”


We also had a special guest:

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