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Turkey’s and Owl’s for Dessert

This guy is just too cute and easy to make. The kids could help!

♥ Golden Oreo Cookies

♥ Bite Size Nutter Butter Cookies

♥ Candy Corn, Red Gummi Bears, Can Squirt Frosting in Vanilla,mini chocolate chips

♥ Lollipop Sticks, cello bags, ribbon

I unscrewed the Golden Oreo and made a ring of icing on one half, then placed 6 or 7 candy corn for its feathers and the lollipop stick, placed a dab of frosting to hold other half of cookie on,placed cookie top back on. Put a dab of frosting on mini nutter butter and placed it on Oreo. Cut off piece of red gummy and the white tip-off a candy corn and glued them in place with frosting. Put two dots of the white frosting for eyes and top with a mini chocolate chip on both for pupils. You have to let them sit for a while so the icing can harden and hold it all together. Place in a cello bag and tie with ribbon. I thought they would be cute displayed in one of those styrofoam pumpkins, stick the lollipop sticks into the pumpkin to hold up and display before they eat them all.

Lets see WHO is next:

Hoot Owl Smores:

These little guys are really easy also, Here is what you need:
♥ Graham Crackers

♥ Big marshmallows

♥ Yellow Melt Aways (you can get them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)

♥ Candy Corn, Chocolate Chips

♥ Can of squirt frosting in Vanilla

Break the cracker in two, cut marshmallows in half and set them on the cracker cut side up, place a yellow melt away in each marshmallow and microwave anywhere from 5-10 seconds, until the marshmallow starts to puff up and the melt away will become soft. I had to play around with this step cause kind of tricky, but you will figure it out. Then I put a dab of frosting on back side of chocolate chip and placed on the melt away for the pupil and a dab of frosting on back side of candy corn and placed in the middle for the nose. Then let them sit awhile so every body part is glued together and you can then bag them and place some ribbon. You and the kids can have fun making these also.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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