Wine Cork Art

I got a glimpse of  one of these in a window front at a Las Vegas store, it stayed on my mind all the way home. I wish I had paid more attention to the display. I believe there were 3 of them in different sizes hanging at different levels. So I had to make one. TaDa here it is and how I put it together

The one I am going to show how I made is from a 6″ styrofoam ball, the one on top is a 8″ ball.


6″ Styrofoam ball-Glue Gun-Bowl-Wooden Skewer Stick

I stuck the skewer stick into the top of the ball, gives me something to hold on to and when it is done I will remove the stick and put in some rope to hang it from. 

Then you just start gluing the corks onto the ball,paying attention to which end of the cork has the most character as that is the end you will place to the outside.

Placing it in the bowl helps to hold it stable.After appling the glue apply pressure to the cork while it is sticking to the ball. I held each cork for about 10 seconds.

It took me approximately 155 corks and 90 minutes to finish the 6″ ball. I will let it set for a day then pull out the skewer stick fill hole with glue and poke in some rope or ribbon what ever would go with your decor.

Here is what I did with my 8″ ball:

I hope you also see the beauty in the ball, it is a fun piece.


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