Garden Herb Butter

I start with a stick of soften butter, ( I like the organic) mixed up in a bowl I then prepare the herbs I plan on adding my washing and drying completely. In this batch I am adding, Rosemary, Thyme and garlic. It is what I have an abundance of in the garden…

I then chop all the herbs finely and mix with the butter.I used about a tablespoon of each herb and 1 clove for the garlic. Grab a piece of plastic wrap and place the butter mixture on top of plastic wrap into the shape of a long log. Roll up the plastic wrap and place in frig until hard…

After the butter has harden I get some butcher paper and cut to size and wrap it around the butter log like a Tootsie Roll and tie twine onto the ends, mark on paper what the flavor of butter it is and I think this would make a great Hostess gift or just to share with your friends and fellow foodies’.The flavors are unique as you by adding your favorite’s. Could depend on the dish you are preparing, the time of year or a special Holiday. Sage and Rosemary for Thanksgiving…sundried tomatoes and Basil for your Pasta dish…you name it and you enjoy it! Use on breads, potatoes,rub on your Chickens to roast, use where ever you dab your butter. They freeze well or last in frig for at least a month, mine get used before then 🙂


A little video to listen to while you make your butter…


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