Easter Day Pendant

I am really liking these Paper Pendant’s that are becoming popular for parties or just decorating fun. You can make them out of paper or material.My choice for this one was paper. I found this scrap booking card stock in my closet yesterday and do not even remember buying it or for what?

I realized all the paper had some Easter colors to it so I thought it would make a cute pendant and then maybe someday when I have a Granddaughter we could hang it in her bedroom 🙂 Below is a picture of the tools you will need, it’s very simple and anyone who has done any type  of craft can figure it out.

I made my paper pendant’s 7″ x 10 1/4, using the thicker stock paper makes them sturdier and longer lasting. The paper I had made 16 pendants, I punched a hole in each top corner and strung them on a yellow 12′ ribbon. The ribbon could have been a little longer or I could have taken some of the pendant’s off, but today it was made this way. It took maybe a half hour and it was simple and fun.

This is one I made for the kids on St. Patty’s Day.

With some of the left over scrap paper I made mini paper pendant’s for the  straw’s and the cupcake’s. Add’s a little more something that we girl’s just love to have. You could really get creative and take the same paper and make invitation’s, name settings for your table , stripes to wrap around the egg’s,well we could go on and on right?  It’s just Mike and I for Easter so I ended it here. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and if you make a pendant out of paper or material send me a pic:)

2 thoughts on “Easter Day Pendant”

  1. AWESOME! Love this post! You are so inspiring!
    Have a super, awesome Easter!
    Love you and Mike very much. ♥
    God bless you.


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