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Our First Half

Ok I can now check this off my “Bucket List” Yippy Kippy! I am not a runner and do not even really care for jogging. I did track in Jr. High but that was a long time ago. I still had the desire though to do a Marathon, but I was thinking a 5k? Then I saw this poster for this Havasu Half which is 13.1 miles and I thought wow I want to do this. Asked my Mike,”You wanna do it with me”? Mike is not a jogger either but as with me did track in High School, he said “maybe”. Then I ran into a fellow “Gym Visiter” (Cheryl) and she said you guys should do it, me and my husband are doing it, and you don’t have to jog you can walk it. Bingo, magic words… I signed us up and we headed for the track. I trained for a couple of weeks, Mike trained for a couple of days, we would have benefited with more training but we signed up late. So you had to finish it in 4 hours, I was a little concerned, Mike said “no problem”.The day of the race was a perfect weather day, we ate the proper foods, had the right amount of sleep and we were excited. Starting point out at State Beach and we were off. Mike pulled away from me at the start because I am slower, I then passed him about 1 1/2 miles out, about mile 8 he passed me and stayed ahead the rest of the race. So it was just me and my iPod, I ran slow and walked FAST. I never once thought “what am I doing out here” and my body did not give out on me. The last half mile there was this MUCH elderly lady keeping up with me (go Granny go) and I thought to my self no-way is Granny going to beat me so I sped up and crossed the finish line @ 2 hours, 45 minutes and 24 seconds (believe me every second counts when you are out there)! Wow I did it!!! Mike met me at the finish line and his time was 2 hours, 42 minutes and 22 seconds. Wow did he do great and only a couple of times training…geeezzzz Men… We headed for the Recovery Zone were they had a band playing, cold refreshments and snacks. What a relief to sit down. We hurt in our knees, hips and shins, but it was truly a wonderful pain, the hard part was trying to get up and still be cool, haha, and that Granny, she finished first in her age group, which was the 70-79 age group 🙂 If you have any thoughts in your head that you might want to try one? I say GO FOR IT, it was a great accomplishment and truly fun. I did have to run about 1 half of those miles to finish in that time, but it felt so rewarding! I signed us up for the 2012 half Marathon so I guess I better keep it up and run Melina run…


6 thoughts on “Our First Half”

  1. Mel! WOW! I am SO proud of you and Mike! I’ve thought about doing it, but never thought I was in good enough shape. You have inspired me! You guys rock! ♥ya!


  2. You were a great inspiration and was a great time,next time we will cut our time by 15 minutes. ” run Melina run”


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