Spring Fling Bunco

Last night was that time of the Month when eleven of my friends and myself get together at one of the lady’s home and play BUNCO. It is great fun and a social gathering. April’s Bunco was held by the beautiful Hostess Tena…  She requested we all wear pastel colored tops for her Spring Themed Bunco. 

We all happily obliged and in returned she presented us with great drinks,food and treats.

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The dice were rolled and the fun time began, there were lots of Bunco’s this night and that really gets things rolling. I heard the yell of BUNCO coming from table #1 soon to be followed by another shout of BUNCO coming from across the room at table #2, we are all friends here but you can see the level of competition being raised here 🙂

We had a special surprise, one of the ladies(Patti) had her first Granddaughter pop in so we could meet her. She is a doll baby and we enjoyed meeting her…Tena’s sweet dog Miles loved having us all over , he entertained us with all his toys and sweet kisses.

The night rolled on as did the Dice, we dined and laughed, caught up on everyone families and the things we look forward too in our busy lives.

We are all there to hopefully win, but I can speak for us all that the true prize is our friendship and the short time we spend together.

As the evening rolled down we planned for our next month’s Bunco, prayed for everyone’s health and happiness and had our Award’s Ceremony 🙂

The Grand prize winner of the night was Ms.Bonnie, she won the beautiful hat, matching bag and towels. There were several other winners, most Bunco’s, most lose’s and I think second runner-up! So until next month’s Bunco, here is to my buddy’s and our great time together!


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