Wedding Day Countdown

So last night was my kids “Ryan & Lindsi’s” annual St.Patricks Day party and the Shamrock’s were rocking. Good food, friends and family were in abundance as we enjoyed our evening. We ate the traditional dinner of corn beef and cabbage with potatoes and enjoyed some Green Beer. The kids filled their bags from the Candy Buffet and everyone seemed to be full of the holiday spirit. We were even visited by a “Beautiful Leprechaun”

During the party I took a moment out to announce the engagement of my Daughter Kelly Ann to Eddy Madden. We informed every one of their wedding date which is 3-17-2012.  Yep St.Patrick’s Day 2012. One year from now we will be celebrating the “Day”. The day she has waited for. The Dress is bought and the place is booked. So officially the countdown has begone.

I made them wear silly hats and had the light shine on them for the moment, it was fun to share it with our friends and family. So until this time next year we will be busy picking flowers, cakes, colors and preparing for the big day…tick toc tick toc.

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