Kitchen Gadget Junkie

Hello My Name is Melina…and I am a Kitchen Gadget Junkie

I Just Ordered this Poster and no idea where I am gonna put it, but it sure is cool…

My first clue was when we remodeled the kitchen about 3 years ago, and putting everything back into my beautiful drawers I realized I had 4 full drawers of utensils and gadgets, 2 buckets sitting on the counter full of utensils and a magnetic strip on the wall to hold my best knives…humm?


My second clue, I was browsing thru Williams and Sonoma and found myself saying, “I have that” oh “I have that” Well the Junkie side of me say’s maybe?”That” is a problem! But I love every single one of them, and I do use (almost) all of them (now and then) and they are so cute, and when I open my favorite drawer I take a deep breath and smile.

My newest addition:

Baster with drip holder stand, it’s really cool!


But I didn’t buy this one,really, I swear, Β it was given to me by my Daughter-in-law Lindsi πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadget Junkie”

  1. I don’t really care about kitchen junk, but put out a new fabric or paint brush and I know I have to have it. But I don’t really buy painting gadgets, I have in the past and find most of them don’t work. And actually I don’t buy new paint brushes in more I have decided by old standbys just work the best. I quess I like things old like me, they are usuallybetter. In fact the older the better!!


    1. Thanks for the reply. I have my favorite gadgets and some that really don’t work well, but I still just love looking at new ones. It’s true the older ones are usually better, which reminds me who is turning older tomorrow? xo


  2. I’m glad for all your old gadgets,itnmakes my boat have the best stocked galley from all your hand me downs.by the way,your gadgets make great things!!!


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