New Year’s Resolutions

Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it’s twice as onerous a duty.  ~John Selden


Do you believe in making Resolutions? I do and I don’t, I’m so wishy washy. If we could make them and keep them I would believe, but how many of us do.I do have this little secret I will share with you, I always tell people “No I did not make a Resolution”, but in my mind I have made maybe 10 of them. See if I say it aloud I have to do something about it or else I am kind of a failure in my book, if I say it in my head no one know’s if I did it or not, I guess that’s cheating?We all want to do better in the New Year and be the person we dream of, but let us just be the best we can be by just being us. Isnt that what we have been doing the past years anyway?

I did start a new fun thing this year and so far with it being day 2 I am doing pretty well. Every year all year-long I keep saying where is this year going? What did I do all year-long? Well this year I will know, I put a small notebook on a favorite spot on my kitchen counter, leaving it open with a pen, every day I will make a small note of what happened that day, or something of interest that happened, so at the end of the year I can look back and say ” Wow that’s what I did”!

The second thing Mike and I are doing as a couple is a fun way to save money , lets just say “Kissing” leads to a quarter being put into the jar each time, we are hoping for enough to have a night out on the town at the end of the year…lol

So that’s it for me, I still think I am gonna secretly write down a few things that would make my life more complete this year and see if I can do them…what about you?


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