It’s Halloween Eve

I have waited all year for this evening, with excitement and anticipation. I will grab my biggest knife in my sweaty palm, I feel my heart beat, the blood is pulsing fast thru my veins as I raise the knife I take a  breath and plunge the knife into the flesh of my PUMPKIN…yea!!! Will I do scary, funny, traditional? So many choices.

I love all the new carvings they do to the Great Pumpkin these days, they look like the President to your Pet Dog, but I still think my favorite is the traditional Pumpkin Face. It is what I grew up with and I find it comforting among all those new Pumpkin Face’s. There’s the one with the happy face and the one with a scary face with missing teeth.

I usually just cut one pumpkin and leave the rest to enjoy thru the Thanksgiving season.

So grab the Butcher Knife and your little Pumpkin Friend, cut his head open, stab out his eyes and poke him a new nose.

Happy Halloween!

Click on this for some Halloween Fun 🙂

Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video


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