Freak and Frights Month

It’s creeping up on us, it’s around the corner, it’s watching you, watching me, EEEEKKKKKKK it’s HALLOWEEN…

On my life, on my head, don’t wanna think about it,feels like I’m going insane, it’s a thief in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you and consume you. A disease of the mind, it can control you. It’s too close for comfort, It’s like the darkness of the night, you better think twice cause your train of thought will be ALTERED…IT’S DISTURBIA…

Ok its starting to get out of control right off and it’s only the beginning of the Month. So Witchie-Poo is here to help us get thru the frights of Halloween with Tips, Ideas and Fun Stuff…

Serious Information First

“How to kill the random Halloween Monster”

1. Vampire- The best known method of slaying the Vampire is to drive a wooden stake though his heart however once Stake is removed he will come back to life. So by far the most effective method of killing the Vampire for good is decapitation. Good Luck

2. Zombies- Zombies are them troublesome dead walkers that just get in the way of a good night out, they either want to eat your brains or have a quick nibble, they are slow creatures that are easy to outrun, but in high numbers and in confined spaces they can be fatal, so in the event of a Zombie holocaust it is advisable that you take the necessary precautions against these undead deadites. Sharpen those machetes up, so that when the time comes you can have yourselves a Zombie decapitation spree ( close resources say this is the only way) Good Luck.

3. Werewolf- The silver bullet is the only choice, be prepared. Good Luck

4. Leprechauns- They are like ugly, mutated midget’s in green top hats and shamrock shoes. If one goes insane and tries to kill  you(watch out! they can be like little wolverines in green overcoats if you tick one-off) throw some gold jewelry at him and he’ll be distracted long enough for you to drop a large rock on his head. Good Luck

5. Frankenstein monsters- These are just normal dead people given a second chance at life, so killing one is pretty simple. You can shoot them, stab them, drown them, poison them, or just blow them up, but I don’t think that electrifying them does much damage, seeing as that’s how they were brought back in the first place. Good Luck

6. Ghosts- You really can’t, Ghosts and Poltergeists are deader than Vampires and Zombie’s. They don’t even have a physical form. The best you can do is to capture them with a proto-plasma trap or convince them to move into the Smith’s house next door. Ghosts usually have a strong sense of belonging to the places that they haunt though, so good luck with all that If you meet a ghost in your house, your best bet is Century 21.

Now you are ready to conquer any pest that might come your way this Halloween Day! Stay tuned for the next posting of Halloween Safety Tips…


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