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Montana’s Summer Bounty

It is my favorite time of year in Montana. Being from the Desert you can only imagine the relief we get when we pull up to the Montana get away and everything is GREEN.Leaving the Desert (3 shades of brown, light brown, medium brown and dark brown) I am welcomed with the beautiful colors of Montana. The Desert has its beauty do not get me wrong but the Summer’s are getting Browner in our “older age”.

So when we get to Montana I cannot wait until Saturday Morning’s Farmer’s Market. It is truly one of my favorite places to visit. The produce, fresh flowers,little Ladies with their Knitted Goodies, Men with their Wood Crafted Projects, it is so refreshing to view after coming from our neck of the woods where most of these crafts are an object of the past .The colors of everything just jump out and grab me and give me a little loving feeling. So I hope you have a few moments to enjoy the pictures I have put together from last year at the Farmer’s Market. They say we should “Stop and Smell the Flowers” or “Slow down we move to fast” I hope these pictures make you do just that…

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This little elderly couple is the cutest, I love them and do not even know them. They sell a few flowers and a few veggies, really nothing special but I think they just love being there and watching the world go by 🙂


P.S. Thank-you to my great picture taker, Michael 🙂

6 thoughts on “Montana’s Summer Bounty”

  1. I knows what you means about those “shades of brown”…..
    As you know we have embarked on our road trip, and have been in Vancouver BC and Whistler. I swears girlfrin’ we were at the Farmer’s Market on Granville Island, Vancouver…..just yesterday morning, as I snapped away at all the colors the market had to offer. The blueberries they grow up there are the size of grapes, the cherries are the size of small tangerines……and everything is BIGGER, BETTER and more COLORFUL than a box of new crayons! I can OD on the flowers alone! It just makes me want to eat my vegetables! Not to mention the breads, cheeses, fish and International goodies. I wanted to hide under the table……wait until closing time, and all was locked up…..and EAT MY OUT of food prison!!!


  2. Wow I got to get up there! You sound like you can totally relate. Glad you are enjoying your Road Trip. I would love to live by a Farmer’s Market and every few days just run over and grab up some fresh flowers, veggies and homemade jam for my dinner that night, oh heaven… You got to send me some pics when you get back. Oh yeah at the Farmer’s Market i went to, I bought some rolls that were, Pesto,Artichoke,cheese rolls, Its been almost a year since I had one but as you can see I am still talking about them, YUMMOOOOO! Trip On Sister xoxo


  3. Mel,

    I am only 13 days away from Montana. Theese picures make me really really really want to go tomorrow.

    Hope you will be there while we are.


    1. We are leaving today 8-8, will be there until maybe 18th? I hope to see your Happy face, always have a good time with you,Have a safe trip and hope to see you soon! Thanks for the comment!


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