The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

Sebastian Bulldog

Oh I do remember, it was 3rd Grade, I was quiet and shy, She was old and built like a Bulldog(this picture is cuter than her), her arms bowed out of her side and she was always yelling.Her name was Mrs.Pea's and I can picture her now towering over me at my desk treating me as if I was one of the stupid kids and I am sure she wanted to smack me for some reason? She had a ruler in her hand alot and am sure it was so she could smack someone with it. 3rd Grade was the year of learning your multiplications and I had a very hard time memorizing them and now I am sure it was because of her and her intimidating ways that I never mastered them. These day's she would be hauled off school grouds for such behavior…Least this is how I remember it 🙂

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