My House’s Favorite Seasoning

So my Sister Judy was here over the Holiday’s and we were in the kitchen fixing up some grub and she opened my Spice Cabinet…I know she stood in bewilderment at what she saw,rows of Spices, like a whole cabinet full. I was like “What”? I told her that’s what people who cook have. We have always teased her because she never cooked much, her interests were on more interesting things.

So anyway I have been staring at that cupboard since then (New Years) and have been in some kind of bewilderment myself. I love Spices & when I go to Costco I head for that aisle to see whats new and you know what size of container of spice you will purchase there! I am always looking for new ones and the money I have probably spent on these spices…whew. My husband does a lot of smoking of large pieces of meat so we do go thru a lot, but I am finding out what I use the most and am clearing out the rest:)

My sister will be so proud, she even smugly showed me an empty drawer I have as to say “oh look, more room to fill with more Spice’s”

So by my downsizing I have found one of my favorite’s and it’s what we use the most now. This seasoning can be used on literally everything and brings out just the flavor of the food, not just bringing out the taste of the Spice. I got this from Paula Deen and have been using it for several years. I make up a batch and it will last me a month or two. I love this the most on Roasted Foods… Chickens, Veggies,Croutons and our Steaks. I hope you like it and will share with others.Bottle or bag some up and it could be your Hostess Gift @ your next dinner party if you use this seasoning in your Menu.

House Seasoning

House Seasoning:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup black pepper
  • 1/4 cup garlic powder

I use Kosher salt,coarsely ground pepper and Granulated garlic for mine and I usually stir it up before I use it due to salt being so much bigger than the pepper or garlic.


4 thoughts on “My House’s Favorite Seasoning”

  1. I do cook when i have seminars at the store, but you could probably call me a spice snob
    Since I don’t cook that often I buy my spices in smaller bottles. i feel that they lose there flavor
    Especially curry. it must be bought fresh each time if it is more than a month old.
    So cook on and enjoy those great big bottles of spices.


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