Cup’o Pesto

Printable recipe

My Go To Pesto Recipe:

♥ 2 c. basil leaves,clean and very dry

♥ 1/3 c. olive oil

♥ 2 cloves garlic

♥ 1/2 c.Parmesan cheese grated

♥  1/4 c. toasted pine nuts

In your food processor add the garlic first and chop it up with about 1/2 of the basil. When blended add the rest of the basil and pour the olive oil in slowly, blend the cheese and pine nuts last . I put pesto in a cup, drizzle with olive oil and cover with plastic.Not sure how long it lasts cause I use it right up, probably a week.

The first night I smeared it on sliced Sourdough Como bread from Safeway,their Deli makes an awesome loaf. Toasted it under broiler and we had it with our Steaks,yummo!

The next day I smothered two chicken breasts with some of the Pesto,Mike was grilling some Ribs so I had him grill the chicken also. I saved them for the next night,which we sliced up and put on top of salads. We could have made great sammie’s out of them also , Oh a Panini with melted Provolone and grilled onions, oh stop.

Day 3: with the little bit o Pesto I had left I chopped up the left over Como bread I had for croutons. Placed bread chunks in a bowl drizzled with some olive oil, chopped up some Rosemary, sprinkled on my House Seasoning(a mix of salt, pepper, and granulated garlic) and tossed in the rest of the Pesto. Mix well and placed on a cookie sheet and baked 375 for about 15 minutes. Keep checking for the right toasties. This is where all my left over sourdough bread ends up,Crouton Cuties.

So I had an abundance of Basil out in the garden and I just wanted to share how I used a Cup o Pesto in a few days around my house. Next week I am making some more and we are having Shrimp Pesto Pizza. I smear the Pesto on the pizza crust instead of pizza sauce, top with Shrimp,green onions,parm.and mozzerela cheese, Bake and there is your Gourmet Pizza.

So what do you do with your Cup O Pesto? Share your cup with us.

I want to Thank God for being able to Love, See, Smell & Hear. That’s all for today anyway 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cup’o Pesto”

  1. The funny thing about Basil for me is I don’t really care to eat it raw. It has to much of a licorice taste to me. but pesto is one of my favorites, go figure… I love to put it on pasta, and I use i on pizza too. It’s so easy to make and so good. :- )


  2. This pesto was so good that I made a double batch of it ,put it in ice cube trays and froze them. When frozen I put them in a freezer bag. Now I can enjoy basil pesto when the fresh basil is gone!!! Thanks for sharing Melina!!:)


    1. Hey Peggy I am so glad you posted this, cause I really never thought about freezing it, this is a GREAT idea thanks for sharing it with me. I have a batch of basil in the frig as we are speaking that I am gonna make Pesto tomorrow and I am gonna try your tip. Bravo.
      xo to you Sweet Friend


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