Thank-You Notes… VIA Snail Mail

This just happened a few weeks ago…I reached into the mailbox and as I was sorting thru the junk mail, bills,catalogs,bills,etc… was a hand addressed cute little green envelope, and upon opening it was a handwritten Thank-you note from a friend telling me appreciative words she felt about her gift I had given her and sincere comments she felt for me as a friend. You can probably imagine the joy I felt over this precious little card. I am sure we have all felt that way over this simple deed. It’s one of those little pleasures in life for me.

It was our Mother’s place to teach us this proper form of Etiquette, and boy did my Mom drill this one into me and I am thankful to her to this day (probably should send her a Thank-you note). So as my kid’s grew up I passed this onto them and I am hoping they teach this to their children. I still find myself telling Kelly,”oh that’s so nice you better send them a Thank-you”,and I swear I can almost hear her thinking,”how many times is she going to tell me that?” …lol… so anyway this got me thinking about if this is a phase that will go down in history due to the texting and E-mailing ? All of us must unite and not let this happen! In the past week this is what I have heard from two people:

Owner of Restaurant says: So one of my employee’s did not show up @ 5:00 for her shift, we called to see where she was and she replyed…did you not get my text? What? Restaurant owner replied, now that employee is an EX! that’s the mentality of the new generation!

A Friend told me: I sent my Grandson some new T-shirts in the mail(we all know how much postage is these day’s, almost as much as the gift!) anyway a few days later she gets a TEXT from him saying “Thanks Grandma”.Well this Grandma is a tough one and she texted back “CALL ME”! She was a little hurt,but we did kind of chuckle when she was telling me the story.Once again that’s the mentality of the new generation.Maybe if not a Thank-you note but at least a Thank-you phone call. Unless we continue to teach this expression of gratitude down generation to generation it will be a thing of the past and you will find it in the archives.Heck there are even websites to help you say the proper words…


I have embraced the new technology world with all its changes and I LOVE it ! but there is always those little changes you don’t want to see happen, for me its the Thank-you notes, VIA Snail Mail.

Nothing can change that feeling I get when I receive that special little note. I pray that the person I send one to gets that exact same feeling.

Thanks for Hanging Out With Me!


2 thoughts on “Thank-You Notes… VIA Snail Mail”

  1. this reminds me, I’m guessing u did not get the thanks you note for bob’s gift cert. I sent it to the office.
    he did get it and thank you. scour the office maybe you will tind it


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