My new Chic Recycled Tote Bag ♷

Myself with Daughter Kelly Ann

My Daughter Kelly Ann, born “Sweet as Pie” and wild as a “Rock Star” has grown to be a mature cool 25-year-old woman.

Well my birthday just passed a few days ago (the Big 50) and I believe I am a mature cool woman also 🙂 (apple usually doesn’t fall from the tree) and pretty hip on new stuff, but I had never seen anything like what she made me for my Big Day. It’s the cutest bag ever and I must share.

Big Tote Bag

It’s a Tote Bag made out of recycled grocery bags. The bag itself is made out of Smith’s Grocery bags and the Flower is made from a Target bag. She cut the bags into strips and crocheted them into a Tote bag.

Big & Little Bag

OMG it is the cutest thing ever! Look how it even looks like straw material. I just can’t get over it.

Recycled Tote Bag

She has gone “Green” with her little creation and has embraced the “Recycled Generation” Kelly has contributed something useful to our Earth.

My new Chic Bag

I am so proud of her and of my new “Chic Bag”

I love it, and my Daughter.

Thanks Kelly Ann, Rock On…

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