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The Rise of two Lake Havasu City Favorite’s

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Hot Spots @ The Nautical
Entrance to the Nautical Resort
The Restaurant

Do you go back this far? The early eighties we started coming here my son was maybe 3 (now 30)had a tiny flat bottom boat and we were going to the River! One of the weekend stops was “The Nautical Inn” is was awesome., we would hit the “Tiki Terrace” and get one of those GIANT buckets of Margarita’s with those 3 foot straws sit in the river and think this is it! My honeymoon with Mike was at the Nautical Inn, 9-8-90 we still lived in California then but the River was it.

Then as the years passed it seemed to just go downhill, Tiki Terrace was gone , The Captain’s Lounge closed, oh how sad for such a great place….

Well last night the “Girl Gang” was out on the town and decided to go to The Turtle Grill, had heard good things. Well I say its back. This is the Steak & Blue Cheese pizza we had and it was a keeper, The Lemon Drop Martini’s hit the spot, make sure to order it made without Sweet & Sour, they taste better. The view from the Grill  was just as awesome, watching the boat’s go by and seeing everyone enjoying the River was a true reminder of the Ol Days.

Lemon Drop
Steak & Blue Cheese Pizza
View from Turtle Grill
Happy Customer's

I Think I can speak for all of us that the Turtle Grill @ the Nautical is a happening place once again!

Debbie's Place
Petrossi's Bar,Debbie on Left
Debbie & Her Door Greeter
Debbie's Petrossi's

Our second stop of the night Petrossi’s Pizza, I think it has been around since the late 70’s? It’s a LHC icon, visited it once years ago and it was good but for some reason just never went back. Well Debbie just purchased it and is cleaning it up and bringing it back. I believe she will do her magic and make Petrossi’s a great place once again. We all had a cool one and someone got a slice of Mushroom Pizza and she said it was really good. You go Debbie, we all wish you luck.

Happy Petrossi Customers!

So heart warming to visit great places in your own home town. Lake Havasu is a great place and I am glad to be here with my family and friends.