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“Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion

Once again my “Girl Gang”is out to prove that we do just really want to have fun. Yuma Bike Run 2010.While the men polish and shine the Bikes for the run us girls are busy picking out our outfits, accessories and shoes for the big event.

Let the Fashion Show begin…

←Hats are a must on any Run, this Model’s is awesome, she is so matchy-matchy  with her Harley Shirt.Great choice!

Fedora’s are back and they blend with the Biker Fashion to complete any hot look…→

This year the Big Necklace’s are sooooo in, She is on top of the Fashion Do List with this accessorie. You Go Girl!!  →

Harley-Davidson Shirts are still a favorite on any Bike outing as seen on these lovely Model’s.

Black,Black,Black…The Harley Fashion Color Explosion,when it doubt go BLACK!

As the weekend comes to an end the girls will bond with their rituals and celebrate their Sisterhood.We will leave with fond memories in the corners of our minds, and will have  proven to YUMA that YES, Girls Do Just Have Fun!

*This Post’s Intentions is for pure FUN 🙂

9 thoughts on ““Yuma Run 2010” Girls Biker Fashion”

  1. What lovely models! ha ha! I also think you should have shown the model with the black and yellow! she is such a cutie and has great biker fashion sense!! Love your blog, Melina!!


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