Kentucky Derby Themed Bunco Party

So once a month us girls get together for a game called Bunco. What a great time we have. After a little Drinky and a few snacks we sit down to roll the dice. The hostess usually has a Theme and last night it was the “Kentucky Derby”. We were all instructed to wear a “Kentucky Derby style Hat” hand-made or bought.

We were hydrated with the famous “Mint Julip” drinks on arrival and shared with delight our wonderful hats. The night was a smash and it shows a Theme is a must for any party to make it more festive. Will share more about Themed parties on another day , I am still tired from last nights party!

So next month is “Mexican Madness” at Carolyn’s. Can’t Wait!

9 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Themed Bunco Party”

      1. Mrs Melina I don’t think you’ll have any problems finding the perfect words for your blog… Can’t wait till it gets rollin…:-) xoxox


      2. That I might be able to help you with….:-) You will have all kinds of new fun ideas after your weekend with all of us.. πŸ™‚


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