Hello Blog World

This is it,my first Blog, My vision is a place where my friends and family and I can hangout and talk ideas and share tips about parties, decorating, food and girly stuff. I am passionate about all these things and want to share what I think is fun, so I am hoping you will come and hangout with me often. Ciao

5 thoughts on “Hello Blog World”

  1. Love that print in the backlground. I wonder if that artist makes other ones?? BTW love the picture of you too.


  2. Melina, your blog is beautiful and so “girl friendly”. You are a gem, extremely talented, cute as they come, and as fresh and true as everything you have posted! A real delight indeed!

    I thought of you as I made my paella for my family that was visiting from Seattle. They were delighted as the UPS guy delivered to my door, (overnight, packed in ice) the entire Paella pack straight from Pike Place Market in the heart of down town Seattle!

    I know you love to entertain.This is a beautiful and bountiful dish to serve to large groups of friends, just pair it up with your sangria and you’ll be the talk of the town….again…… If your interested go to

    Keep up the beautiful work!
    Love you! Linda


  3. You are the sweetest Linda, your family is lucky to have you!, hey i am lucky to have you, I love Paella, bought a small kit and fixed it for Mike, he did not like it so I flung the kit…should try it again and cook it for someone who has a little more distinguished pallet…lol. I will for sure check out that site. I did something like that for my Father-in-law on his birthday. Had a Crawfish boil and had everything delivered in by my BFF (UPSGuy)…lol… lacrawfish.com. it was a lot of fun for everyone 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tip and your story, that is truly what I was hoping for when starting the blog. You get it!
    Love you back, Melina


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